Business & Relax Hub

The Poet Hotel offers its guests the Business & Relax Hub, two pleasant and welcoming area where they can relax while sipping a cocktail or, alternatively, work in smartworking and hold meetings or conferences.
Hospitality has always been the strenght of the hotel, as well as the attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance at The Poet Hotel: we believe that every traveler should feel at home, free to enjoy their own spaces, perceiving a pleasant sensation of well-being and relaxation.

The Business & Relax Hub combines beauty, style and tranquility, with the convenience of being able to benefit from all the services made available, without compromise.

The Poet’s Box

The Poet's Box is much more than a meeting room: it was created to allow guests to dedicate themselves to their work in total freedom, focusing on their business.

A versatile and dynamic place where the exchange of information, connections, relationships and personal growth are commonplace.

It represents a real fil rouge between the guest and the world of digital communication, with a touch of avant-garde.

Dedicated to those who need a small but extremely flexible space in which to work, study, or simply take a break, reading a good book or connecting online, The Poet's Box is without undoubtedly the ideal environment for manager or intellectual.

Connections, bonds, communications and business projects, all spiced up with a touch of luxury and freedom that makes life lighter and the travel experience magnificent.

The Poet’s Hub

A warm and cosy environment characterised by unique, elegant and refined details given by the use of quality materials and by a modern, functional and avant-garde furniture: this is The Poet's Hub. Located inside the hotel, it allows every guest to use the space in total comfort.

In the morning, the Poet’s Hub is a breakfast room then, it becomes a refined lounge bar where you can savor pleasant delights or appetising cocktails, or alternatively, work in mobility.

And ... at the end of an intense day, full of conversations, discoveries and new ideas and projects, the time has finally come to enjoy some healthy relaxation:

The Poet Hotel is ready to welcome every guest with a fine selection of wines to accompany refined gourmet proposals ready to delight even the most demanding palates.

Meeting, socialising, exchanging opinions and telling stories and travel experiences, is the ultimate goal of The Poet's Hub, in a wonderful poem that talks about you.


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La Spezia, Italy 19122


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