Lerici AND Tellaro

Among the towns of the province of La Spezia, Lerici (also known as the Gulf of Poets pearl) is the one where tourism has a less recent history. It provides a lot of services for tourists and has a good organisation that makes it one of the most important touristic centers of the area.

The life of the country concentrates especially in the tourist harbor area, which has a really ancient history. It was port of call for trading since the times of the Phoenicians and Greeks and it was used later by Romans for commercial and military purposes.

The most famous and characteristic monument of Lerici is San Giorgio castle, which, thanks to its predominant position on the village, offers the tourists a charming and suggestive landscape.

The fortification was built in several stages from 12th century and since 1998 it hosts a geopaleontological museum, where it is possible to find three-dimensional reconstructions recreated from dinosaur fossils found in the area of Val Gardena, Monti Pisani, Dolomites and Rovereto.

Walking along the Vassallo promenade, it is possible to admire a wonderful view on Lerici castle. Looking at the horizon, Portovenere and its islands can be seen. Along the promenade there is also a green area equipped with a children playground.

Walking away from the village, more specifically in the district of San Terenzo e Venere Azzurra there are the most important beaches, where it is possible to find several kilometers of swimming sandy shores. Here there are not only beach resorts but also freely accessible areas for tourists.

Last but not least, the area has other jewels that is worth to remember: Fiascherino and Tellaro.

Fiascherino is a small village located in an inlet among jagged rocks and pines, holm oaks and oaks. Here, beaches are small and isolated and the sea is crystal-clear, recalling the beautiful and charming landscape of Cinque Terre.

Tellaro is placed on a small rocky peninsula sloping towards the sea. Houses are arranged side by side, separated by small alleys. Again, the landscaped and the urban structure recall Cinque terre.

At the extreme tip of the village, it is possible to find the old church of San Giorgio, dating back to the second half of 16th century, that stands on a sea sheer cliff.

Lerici is part of the Montemarcello-Vara regional park. The coastal area of this park preserves a rich Mediterranean flora and has many paths and old stone mule tracks that link picturesque historic villages. The nearby Magra Valley preserves precious wetlands unique in Liguria that represent staging and nesting areas for migratory birds. Fauna is directly and indirectly linked to water and is really important, since the river environment of the park is the only one throughout the region.


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