Monterosso is the most westerly village of Cinque Terre and its center is completely different in comparison to that of the other villages. As a matter of fact, its center is made up by two separate nuclei horizontally developed. This promoted the development of tourism since decades and this is shown also by the presence of numerous equipped beaches, info points, boat rentals and other dedicated services for tourists.

Here there are two beaches: the biggest one start from the Fegina district (the newest part of the village) and extends until the promontory of San Cristoforo. It is long 700 meters and it is provided with several bars and equipped beaches, even if it is possible to find also free beaches.

The other beach is located opposite to the medieval part of the village, between Punta Corone and the promontory of San Cristoforo and is made up by fine materials.

The old part of Monterosso develops along the branco stream. The town center has remained intact and is characterized by the typical tower-houses crossed by carruggi (small alleyways) and is dominated by the majestic castle. In the oldest part of the village it is also possible to find the church of San Giovanni Battista, built between 1244 and 1307 in a Ligurian-gothic style with a basilical plan with three aisles.

Near the church, the path 509 (ex path 9) starts. It is located through chestnuts, acacias and maritime pines woods and the typical Mediterranean vegetation. This path leads to the oldest Ligurian shrine of Mary called Madonna di Soviore, built before the year 1000. From here it is possible to enjoy the wide and breathtaking view from the promontory of Portofino to the Western Ligurian Riviera, reaching also the Ligurian alps (from the Pisano mount to the Tuscan archipelago) on one side and Corsica on the other side.

In Monterosso, tourism is not only maritime but it can be linked also to discoveries and adventures. As a matter of fact, it is possible to rent sailing boats to discover the marine protected areas. For the most daring, from October to April,  it is possible to have a 15-minutes paragliding experience from the hills with a licensed instructor, enjoying a majestic view of the Cinque Terre park from the top.

It is also important to mention the local cuisine, traditionally made up by poor ingredients, conserving almost intact the characteristics of the past. The typical dishes respect the primary fragrances and the flavors of the ingredients. Trofie with pesto, tagliatelle with mushrooms, vegetable quiches and rice pies, gattafin originating from Levanto and the famous anchovies of Monterosso are just some of the many delicacies that is possible to taste in this wonderful village.


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