Portovenere is one of the best villages of Liguria and since 1997 its territory, together with Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto islands, was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourism in Portovenere can be of various types: cultural, religious, natural, seaside; these are just some of the tourist resources that the area can offer.

Arriving by sea, it is possible to admire a really picturesque landscape: brightly painted tall and narrow houses that overlook the port, the Church of San Pietro in the background and the castle that dominates the village.

Walking in the caruggi (typical Ligurian narrow alleys), it is possible to notice traces of the past: fortified towers, city walls and tower-houses just to name a few. Moving away from the residential area, it is possible to find the Church of San Pietro on the top of a rocky spur. This building was rebuilt in the 13th century on the ruins of an early Christian temple. It has a typically Ligurian-gothic style with alternating black and white bands, characteristic of many Ligurian religious buildings.

Not far from the church, it is possible to go down in a ravine where the sea is crystal clear and where it is possible to glimpse the Arpaia cave, also called Byron cave named after the English poet Lord Byron that often took refuge in these places.

Heading back to the center and going towards the upper part of the village, it is possible to find the Romanesque church of San Lorenzo, dating back to the first half of the 12th century and the Doria castle. This fortress has a very ancient history: it was commissioned by Genoese in 1161 and played a really important role for the Marine Republic of Genoa. It is still possible to visit the castle and it often hosts cultural events.

Leaving from the small habour of Portovenere and crossing a short stretch of sea, it is possible to reach Palmaria, the biggest Ligurian island.  It is a wild land characterized by beautiful beaches, caves and a thick Mediterranean flora that make this place a little uncontaminated oasis. The hike along the main path of the island, lasting 3 hours and a half, it is perfect for trekking-lovers who can visit the entire insular territory, initially walking along the coast and then arriving up to the heights, from where it is possible to admire a stunning view over all the area.

Portovenere offers tourists not only trekking and water sports: in 20 minutes by car or going along the path 1 called “Alta via delle Cinque terre”, it is possible to reach the rock-climbing wall of Muzzerone mountain. This is one of the most renowned climbing walls of this part of Italy and it is a meeting point for climbing enthusiasts.

Portovenere is easily reachable in 15 minutes from The Poet hotel, driving along the route SP 530, better known as “Strada Napoleonica” (Napoleonic road). For those who want to use public transport, it is possible to take the ferry or the bus. The bus stop is about 100 meters from our hotel.


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