Vernazza, located among the high and steep cliffs, is considered the most famous village of Cinque Terre. In the past, a lot of famous writers such as Byron and Montale were used to come in this beautiful heaven to spend their free time.

The center is situated along the Vernazzola stream and it is characterized by tight and steep roads that descend towards the main road, finishing in a small square in front of the port, where it is possible to find the Chuch of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia. This religious building was rebuilt in Ligurian-gothic style in the 14th century on the foundations of another church and inside it is possible to admire excellent works of art.

Near the church, there is a small beach where it is possible to reach the mysterious Grotta del Diavolo (Devil’s cave) by swimming.

Heading back up towards the oriental part of the village, it is possible to find the Castle of Doria built in the mid-11th century, overlooked by the Belforte tower. This tower is the symbol of the village and it is taken in all the pictures of this beautiful village. From the tower it is possible to admire a breathtaking view all over the village up to the promontory of Mesco.

Moving towards the Shrines street, it is possible to reach the Shire of Nostra Signora di Reggio, walking through a cobbled path starting from the train station.

This shrine is surrounded by greenery and by old trees and can be easily reached with a 1-hour walk. Its origins are really old because this building was built in the 11th century on a preexisting crypt that it is still under the church floor. The worshipped image is a Black Virgin Mary, which is called the African by the inhabitants of the village.

In Vernazza there are different excursions that is possible to enjoy in order to make the holiday unique and unforgettable. Among the many excursions we suggest to rent a small skiff or a kayak to discover the natural treasures of the area.

 Do not miss the Acquapendente spring that delimits the border between Vernazza and Monterosso, where it is possible to swim in the fresh water. It is also worth to explore the Maemuna cave, an opening in the cliff where it is possible to go by boat up to 50 meters inside the rock.


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